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Kerstin Frashier

Published by: Kerstin Frashier on 21-May-23
Home Exercise For Seniors by Kerstin Frashier


     About Home Exercise For Seniors by Kerstin Frashier

Are you a senior who would like to improve your physical health and overall well-being? Or do your loved ones need help to stay independent? Would you like to engage in safe and easy home exercises that will not only help you tackle your health issues but will also boost your mobility and flexibility? If you’ve been looking for a book that will restore your strength and balance, then keep reading. This is the book for you!
Inside Home Exercise for Seniors, you’ll discover:

  • More than 20 simple exercises suitable for seniors that will improve your balance and strength, relieve stress, and increase your mobility.
  •  A comprehensive guide into the dos and don’ts of home exercises, including four workouts you should never attempt.
  • Seven fun-filled home workouts you can engage in without worrying about compromising your health.
  • The most common health issues for aging adults and how choosing a healthier lifestyle can help you manage them.
  •  How to get started and eventually conclude your workouts with these compelling warm-up and cool-down exercises.
  •  A dynamic four-week workout plan that will keep you active, disciplined and leave you feeling stronger.

Every workout in this book will bring you or your loved ones a step closer to your desired health goals. No more worrying about pain, being inactive, or getting injured. You deserve to engage in exercises that are effective, enjoyable, and fulfilling!

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