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Published by: Kerstin Frashier on 19-Jan-24
One of the best-kept secrets in wellness…until NOW!


A Nootropic is something that can improve our mental skills like memory, mood, and longevity.

And that’s why LiveGood created Methylene Blue Nootropic Dissolving Strips.

Methylene blue is unique in its ability to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to our brain cells, improving the energy-producing factories in our mitochondria!

Methylene Blue is widely known as a supercharger for your biology at the cellular level because of its profound effect on mitochondria and energy production.  In fact, it’s so beneficial to our bodies that it’s been used worldwide for almost 200 years AND is recognized by the World Health Organization on the list of Essential Medicines.

It’s still one of the best-kept secrets in wellness…until NOW!


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To good memory and longevity!


I dissolve the strip in water and drink it through a metal straw. It will help to prevent blue teeth, and your tongue will be less blue. 



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